Denise Ashmore — Principal BID RID

Where’s home: BC now but I have a lot of Toronto still in me… sorry in advance if I am little quick to get straight to the point or don't stop for all pedestrians.

Beverage of choice: Rosé …specifically French ;)

Mode of transport: Fiat 500 with red leather interior…makes me smile every time I drive it. Not to mention people are so nice to people who drive fiats its a good vibe kinda car.

Favourite pastime: Tennis, skiing, watching my kids play sports and walking Gracie in the woods preferably for both of us.

Proudest Professional moment: Winning the WL designer of the year

Proudest life moment: Surviving childbirth…twice

Favourite TV show: Gilmore girls on repeat with my daughter and all the Grand Slams with my husband

Most memorable read: Cosmopolitan Magazines from the 80’s

Social Media: Instagram @project_22_design. No time for a private account… I already spend way too much time on screens.

Influential Artist / Architect / Designer: Bob Ledingham, Christian Liagre, Piet Boon, Tom Kundig, Patricia Urquioia, Charles and Ray Eames… I could go on.

Defining moment: Arriving in Sydney with $2,000 in the bank, my design portfolio, and a backpack. Life just came together after that, living by the Ocean became a necessity. Vancouver is the perfect place: oceans, mountains, a small supportive design community. I can’t imagine where I would be if I hadn’t made the leap to live overseas.

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Sarah Lillos — Designer BID

Where’s home: wherever my family is.

Beverage of choice: I’m not sure yet, I’d like to see a cocktail list. But I’ll start with a glass of water, thank you.

Mode of transport: Wish it was wings. In reality it’s a very economical small car. Legs also work.

Favourite pastime: Cooking and daydreaming. Usually at the same time. Beyond that the list of hobbies is extensive and forever changing.

Proudest moment: it’s a long story but after 5 years of passing the same cranky man out for his afternoon jog I FINALLY, on my last day of high school, got a single, rushed “hello” in response to my dedicated years of daily pleasantry and greetings. It was a huge win. I’m still floating on that high.

Favourite TV show: Friends. Always and forever.

Most memorable read: memorable would be anything form Shel Silverstein’s A Light in the Attic or Where the Sidewalk Ends but if I ever get amnesia someone please hand me the Harry Potter series again.

Social Media: Instagram. Typical visual person.

Influential Artist / Architect / Designer: Agnes Martin, Wes Anderson, Alexander McQueen, Mother Nature.

Defining moment: I have small ones scattered throughout my life. When the Big Bang happens, I’ll let you know.


Camila Proa — Designer

Where’s home: Brazil is home. More specifically Ubatuba, a tiny city by the ocean at Brazil’s Southern-east. A place I used to go almost every month. I can picture in my mind the colourful fisher boats floating and feel the salty breeze. I can hear the calm waves and taste fresh coconut water. My husband hug and my puppy kisses are home to me. My family and friends are my sanctuary.

Beverage of choice: Champagne for sure! Bubbles of happiness and joy! It is a celebration of life in itself. A masterpiece.

Mode of transport: Car is the most convenient but boat is the most pleasant! Add a glass of champagne and that is life!

Favourite pastime: I am a constant mutation! At the moment is walking the dog at Inter River Park or at the beach, and play tennis at a very sunny and beautiful day to sweat all the bad vibes and clear off the mind followed always by some wine and great food.

Proudest moment: That’s a tough one. I guess life perspective changes, so things that I was really proud of might not be very relevant today. However I am really proud of moving to Canada. It involves so many things and requires mentally so much of you. It is way more difficult than anyone can assume.

Favourite TV show: Fire side Chat with Dennis Prager on YouTube is my to go for enlightenment, and I laugh my heart out with the Impractical Jokers show.

Most memorable read: All Harry Potter collection when I was a teenager and as an adult 12 Rules for Life from Jordan Peterson, the most brilliant Canadian I’ve “met”. It is life changing.

Social Media: @camilaproa

Influential Artist/ Architect/ Designer: Ilse Crawford, Jacobsen Arquitetura

Fun Fact / defining moment: Moving to Canada and my journey here so far have been very defining. I have put myself constantly out of my comfort zone. It is a constant reflection to make sense out of a decision like moving to a different country. It has been an opportunity to learn more about myself, things I truly value the most, and to be true and honest with myself.I think that’s the way to develop your full potential in life!


Gracie - VP Studio Morale

About you: I’m a Bernadoodle.

Where’s home: Vancouver for the last 3 years but I am originally from Comox @moonstruck_bernadoodles.

Beverage of choice: Water, specifically the bowl that lives in the backyard.

Mode of transport: 4 on the floor.

Favourite pastime: Snoozin’ and treats or treats and snoozin’.

Favourite TV show: No time for TV with my nap schedule.

Most memorable read: come on I’m a dog who has time to read?

Social Media: @gracie_bernadoodle

Influential Artist / Architect / Designer: my mom she picks the best dog beds and even designed a place for my food dishes so I don’t have to eat from the floor like most dogs.

Fun Fact / Defining moment: I am the runt in my litter which explains a lot, I am happy to share and can be a little shy. I have now 4 sisters from other misters that are friends with my family. We get together sometimes, its hard to believe we are related, they have so much energy. I’ve been described as 70% Muppet, 20% cat and 10% dog and I am just fine with that.