homes for the holiday

Location / Vancouver, BC
Project Type / Charity Event
Photographer / Janis Nicolay
Completion / 2018

Imagine a snow-covered glow in the distance. You cross the field, wrapped in wool, and carry a warm casserole dish just out of the oven. As you approach the home, a soft sparkle and glowing windows beckon. Walking up the steps, the hum of music and conversation escapes from inside and you’re welcomed by family and friends, heat from a crackling fire and the fresh scent of pine. Winter’s bounty is on full display; fragrant trees decorated with twinkly lights and nature’s treasures…pinecones, twigs, evergreen garlands. Preserves and roasted chestnuts are the centrepiece of the dining table. In the kitchen, bread rises on the countertop and villages of gingerbread houses line the island. Sweet and salty come together on the stovetop and, in the oven, a feast crackles. Once everyone’s seated, gratitude abounds and you raise a glass to your loved ones as you break bread together. You are home for the holidays.

This is the vibe we created for the 2017 Home for the Holidays charity fundraising event during which the Park House [LINK to separate full description of this project on website], a single-family home in Vancouver’s West Side, was open to the public. The overall feel is soft, muted and monochromatic, using textural and organic pieces to evoke a sophisticated Scandinavian aesthetic and cozy hygge. Think warmth, togetherness, simple pleasures and a celebration of winter’s natural offerings.

Completed in 2018.